Turkish Citizenship

Own one or more real estate units in one of the Turkish cities, with a value of not less than $400,000, and obtain Turkish citizenship within 60 to 90 days. This applies to you and your family with children under 18 years old.

Why Turkey?

  • A strategically significant geopolitical location that captures global attention.
  • Free healthcare and Education.
  • Despite being a European country, it retains Eastern traditions.
  • Turkey boasts massive achievements in infrastructure development.
  • Gorgeous Nature.

Strength of the Turkish Passport

You can apply for the Turkish Passport as soon as you obtain the citizenship.

  • Passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 114 countries
  • The passport is valid for 10 years.
  • It ranks 50th globally
  • Turkey allows dual citizenship, providing flexibility in international travel
  • You have the right to vote in the national elections.
  • The possibility of work and residence in some European Union countries.
  • Ease of conducting business with the countries of the Turkish Council of Cooperation in Turkic-Speaking States (CCTS)
  • Biometric Passport

Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

The fundamental provisions of the law for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

  • Property ownership valued at $400,000 or more.
  • Retaining ownership of the real estate unit for 3 years.
  • Citizenship in exchange for residential or commercial property.
  • Citizenship in exchange for ready or under-construction property.
  • The property can be used for residence or rental.
  • Multiple properties can be submitted, but with a single notarized contract.
  • Alternatively, multiple ownership deeds can be submitted in more than one project.
  • Real estate appraisal includes the currency exchange rate at the central bank.
  • The currency transfer document is sent to the Land Registry Directorate by registered mail.

When are citizenship applications rejected?

  • Purchasing two properties with separate notarized contracts.
  • Delay in payment of the property price beyond the date of the sales promise contract.
  • Combining the title deeds and notarized contracts.
  • Non-completion of the currency transfer document by the contract date.
  • Real estate appraisal report exceeding 3 months.

Properties not suitable for citizenship

  • Property owned by an individual holding Turkish citizenship through investment.
  • Property for a first-degree relative of the investor.
  • Property for a person who gained the citizenship through naturalization.
  • Property owned by a foreigner in the last 3 years.
  • Property for a company with one of its members being a relative of the investor.
  • Property for a company with one of its members holding citizenship.
  • Property with a legal mortgage.
  • Property with a shared ownership title deed.

The countries excluded from the naturalization through Real Estate Ownership in Turkey:

  • Syria
  • Cuba
  • Armenia
  • North Korea

The required documents to obtain the Turkish citizenship

  • Passport
  • Property ownership deed or notarized contract
  • Real estate appraisal report
  • Receipt of transferred funds to the Central Bank
  • Confirmation that the property value was paid and transferred to the seller's account

Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in 2024

Choosing a suitable property for citizenship:

Select a residential apartment or a commercial unit valued at $400,000, meeting the requirements .

Exchange the payment according to the value of the property to the Central Bank:

Exchange the payment according to the value of the property from foreign currency to Turkish lira, selling the dollars to the Turkish Central Bank.

Sending the appraisal report to the Land Registry Directorate:

Send the real estate appraisal report to the Land Registry Directorate, where the Land Registry Directorate will forward it to the Ministry of Environment to ensure that the property is suitable and valued at no less than $400,000.

Hold on property sale:

After the real estate appraisal report is confirmed , the Ministry of Environment sends a request to the Land Registry Directorate to place hold on selling of the property for 3 years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The application is transferred to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs for approval, and once authenticated, Turkish citizenship is granted to you.

Obtian the Turkish Citizenship through Mimary Real Estate

Contact Us:

We will provide you with everything related to real estate investment in Turkey that aligns with the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Explore real estate opportunities:

We will introduce you to a range of real estate options that match your needs and budget, along with explanations of the best choices.

Receive the title deed:

We will guide you through every step of purchasing the property, including registering the real estate and obtaining the title deed on your behalf.

We will submit the citizenship application:

We take responsibility for submitting the Turkish citizenship file, which meets the requirements, on your behalf, to the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Obtain the Citizenship and receive the Turkish Passport:

After the approval of the Cabinet, you obtain a Republic of Turkey identity card, and then you can obtain the Turkish passport for yourself and your family.

Laws considering Turkish citizenship

Name of the Law Number of the Law Date of Publishing Script of the Law
Turkish Citizenship Law According to Law No. 5901/2009 06/04/2010 Obtaining Turkish citizenship through the following methods:
1. Citizenship acquired by birth (by descent or place of birth)
2. Citizenship acquired through adoption
3. Naturalization through marriage
4. Naturalization by decision of the competent authority
Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment 9601/2016 12/01/2017 Exceptional Turkish citizenship is granted to those who own real estate with a minimum value of one million dollars, provided that they retain ownership for 3 years.
Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property valued at 250,000 dollars. 106 18/09/2018 The minimum threshold for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment has decreased from one million US dollars to 250,000 dollars
Turkish citizenship through the purchase of a property under construction 418 06/12/2018 When obtaining citizenship through property ownership, the following conditions are required:
1. The property must have a clear title deed or a floor attachment deed, and the property value must be paid in cash, not less than 250,000 US dollars.
2. Drawing up a sales promise contract before a notary public.
3. Including the clause "retaining ownership for 3 years" in the property deed
Turkish citizenship through the purchase of a property for 400,000 dollars. 5554 13/05/2022 Increasing the minimum investment threshold for obtaining Turkish citizenship from 250,000 US dollars to 400,000 dollars.

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