Real Estate Residency

Real estate residency can be obtained by purchasing a property with a value of not less than 200,000 US dollars, on the condition that it is used for residence purposes and not rented out or resold

Why Real Estate Residency?

  • Reside Legally in Turkey
  • Entry and exit to Turkey without a visa
  • Faster process to obtain the residency in Turkey
  • Strongest residency in terms of duration and renewability
  • Ability to open an account in Turkish banks
  • Expedite Turkish driver's license procedures
  • Health Insurance
  • Enrollment in Turkish schools and Universities

Residency in Turkey through real estate purchase in 2024

  • Purchase a property for $200,000
  • No restrictions on the property area
  • Property intended for residence
  • Submission of title deed at the required amount
  • No need for area evaluation
  • The exchange rate is according to the Central Bank's currency rate on the day of purchase

The minimum property value required for the Turkish Real Estate Residency

  • Properties purchased after 16/10/2023:
    • Minimum $200,000
  • Properties purchased before 16/10/2023:
    • $50,000 in small cities
    • $75,000 in major cities

Renewing real estate residency permit

  • Renewal is done at the municipality where the property is located.
  • Submit the renewal application 60 days before the permit expiration.
  • Continuing residency under an official document until renewal.

Cost of real estate residency

  • Health insurance.
  • Other administrative fees.

Countries unauthorized to obtain Turkish Real Estate Residency

  • Syria
  • Cuba
  • Armenia
  • North Korea

Documents required for obtaining real estate residency

  • Residence permit application form
  • Copy of passport
  • 4 biometric photos
  • Declaration of sufficient and regular income during the residency period
  • Receipts for residence permit fees and card fees
  • Property ownership deed valued at $200,000
  • Valid health insurance

Procedures for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey in 2024

  • Purchase property valued with minimum of $200,000
  • Receive the property ownership deed
  • Prepare the required documents
  • Fill Out and submit the application to the immigration office
  • Pay the required fees
  • Issuance of the real estate residence permit

Get Real Estate Residency Through Mimary Real Estate

Contact Us

We assess your needs and determine the type of property suitable for residency requirements in Turkey.

Choose the Property

We inform you about the best opportunities suitable for residency at reasonable prices and within the specified budget.

Document Preparation

After selecting the appropriate property, we prepare all the necessary documents and papers, and then we start the purchase procedures.

Apply Residency Application

After obtaining the title deed, we submit your residency application to the Immigration Directorate, and we follow up with the relevant authorities until the final approval.

Obtain Real Estate Residency

After the Immigration Directorate approves the application, your residency card is sent via Turkish mail (PTT) to your place of residence.

Stages of Residency through Property in Turkey

Legal Basis:

According to Article 31 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, anyone who owns non-moveable assets in Turkey is eligible for legal residency in the country.

Residency in Exchange for an Undesignated Value Property

The Turkish Immigration Authority has provided the opportunity to obtain a residency permit in exchange for purchasing a property in Turkey, regardless of its price, size, or location.

Residence for a property valued at $75,000:

In April 2022, the price of a property eligible for residency in Turkey became $50,000 for smaller cities like Yalova and Izmit, and $75,000 for larger cities like Istanbul and Ankara.

Residence for a property valued at $200,000:

As of October 16, 2023, the minimum value of properties eligible for residency in Turkey has been increased from $75,000 to $200,000 in all Turkish provinces.

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